Only Human 

After the recent attacks in Manchester and London the Prime Minister has pulled out her dog whistle and is blowing as loud as she can about the Human Rights Act. Again. The idea of changing the law to make it easier to prosecute suspected terrorists is tempting. But when it’s introduced by a government that has been challenged multiple times on its human rights violations against the most vulnerable people in society, I worry.

Let’s look at the concept of human rights for a second. These are the basic rights that we as a society agree that ALL people are entitled to. By planning to deny basic human rights to anyone we are basically saying that a subsection of society aren’t going to be treated as human beings. In fact, the Human Rights Act covers a few basic precepts.

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Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it.

Wreaths Of Poppies On A British 2nd World War MemorialThe Holocaust was one of the most disgusting and evil things to happen in the history of mankind. I think that it’s probably the most horrendous thing to happen in the 20th Century. We hold Remembrance Day services and have 2 minutes silence every year. The key phrase that’s used is “Never Forget”.

But we have forgotten. When we remember, we think about the soldiers who gave their lives. Not just in the World Wars, but in wars that have been, and are being, fought before and since. They sacrificed their lives to save others, dulce et decorum est pro patria mori.

But what about the others? When we speak of the Nazi Holocaust, we think of the Jews. Millions of Jews were murdered in cold blood, experimented on and used as slave labour. It was truly awful. But the Nazis didn’t just stop at the Jews. They wanted a Master Race. Continue reading “Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it.”

Good Christian Values 

The other day I wrote about the upcoming snap election. I’m now going to start nailing my colours to the mast. Your vote is your own personal choice, and what you do in the polling booth is between you and the ballot paper.

conservative-party-hard workingI would however like you to look at the party that’s currently in government. The Conservative Party touts itself as the party that represents “traditional British values”. They claim to be the party that represents the “hard working” families. They believe that the government interferes with business and should back off. They talk about balancing the budget and how much the Labour party screw the economy.

So far, so good. Do you know what? If I didn’t watch their actions, but just listened to their words, I might vote for them myself. But their actions belie the words. There’s a reason why the demographic for the Conservative Party is generally older people. I discussed a bit about this last year when I wrote about the generation gap in the referendum. As a generalisation, the Baby Boomer generation is (in my opinion) the most selfish and entitled currently alive. Continue reading “Good Christian Values “

General Disaster

I usually avoid Party Politics, not because I’m indifferent, but because I’m a liberal. I think the best of people and believe that they look at the whole picture and make the best decision for themselves and the country.

Referendum BusUnfortunately, recent political events have made me rethink my position and I’m more of the belief that many of my fellow voters cast their ballot based on rhetoric. After reading many of the comments on Facebook and elsewhere around the Internet it also seems that people don’t understand what they’re even voting for.

So, let’s get the first thing clear. Unless you live in a Party Leader’s constituency, you don’t vote for the Prime Minister.

I’ll just repeat that. You. Don’t. Vote. For. The. Prime. Minister.

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trumpOK, Brexit and Trump have shown me something. There are millions more racists, misogynists, homophobes, religiophobes and general bigots in this world than I ever imagined.

Yes, it’s scary that Farage and Johnson won with the campaign aimed at the lowest common denominator. It’s terrifying that Trump’s going to be in control of a superpower on the same type of platform, the same bombastic, superior and hateful attitude to the different.

But do you know what terrifies me more? What makes me sick to the very pit of my stomach? That the millions of people who voted for that are out there. And who knows, might even be reading this.

Let me make this clear. If you support these people and their ilk then, whether you’re bigoted or not, you are supporting bigotry. And you’re helping to create a world where the rest of us live in fear. (A more detailed argument is elsewhere on my blog.) Continue reading “Hyperbole? “

I’m Not Racist…

Brexit BingoAs well as the Generational Divide that I discussed in my earlier post, I’ve also heard quite a few Leave voters clearly, loudly and repeatedly state that they’re not racist. That’s probably the case, but I decided to try and work out why the racist stereotype was out there if none of them are racist.

Just like the generational post that I wrote, this is me trying to work out things logically, and it’s a discussion that I’ve had with a few people now, so this post is another one that I’m going to use so that I don’t have to type it all out again!

So, Leave voters who didn’t vote for racist reasons, you voted for a campaign that said it was going to Take Back Control, a campaign that repeatedly argued about border control and immigration, a campaign that was supported by UKIP, Britain First, the EDL and the BNP. What made you think that this wasn’t going to be a campaign that would primarily be about race? That’s what the leaders of the campaign drove…

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The Generation Gap

OK. I’m afraid this is going to be another ranty political post. (Again, political with a small p, not Party Political because I really can’t be doing with all that bollocks!) That also means that I’ll be providing another language warning – there are rude words in the following post

Generations Brexit PokemonI keep seeing this image popping up in my newsfeed, and it really brings my waste water to 100ºC (if I’m still allowed to use metric in Brexit Britain).

This is possibly one of the most glib, condescending and fatuous twitter posts that I’ve ever seen. I don’t know who started it and neither do I want to. What I do know is that there’s a fantastic tweet response. It’s clear, concise and fully addresses the point being made. It doesn’t however address the other points that drive me to anger and so, as well as attaching that, I’m also going to explain my reasoning. There’s also a second reason for me writing a blog post about it – I’ve typed out responses to this three or four times in the last couple of days and that takes a while on my phone, so now I can just link here! Simultaneous Sanity

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A friend shared this on Facebook and I started to share it. Then I realised that this post, more than any other about Pulse, has hit me. I couldn’t just share it, and what I had to say was too long for a Facebook post.

This blog was called Proud Ankylosaur because of my AS. I’m outspoken about it because I wanted to spread awareness. But it’s also called Proud because I’m Gay. I haven’t posted much about it in the last year, but now I think that I need to.

It’s easy to forget how far we’ve come, or how hard we fought. Even when we weren’t “being political” just saying “I’m gay”, correcting a gender pronoun, or even dressing up to go out ran the risk of repercussions. Reading a room became second nature.

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