The A-Team (WYASO Day 4)

feature_NASSAward_2016I talk a lot about getting the right team to support you. I’ve been seriously lucky since my diagnosis as my local NHS put me with a fantastic rheumatologist, who in turn arranged for me to see an amazing Specialist Nurse. (She’s so amazing that she even won a national award!)

I was referred to hydrotherapy (the best treatment I’ve found to date – if it’s available then I highly recommend it) and physiotherapy. My GP listens to me and takes on board my opinions, providing options and keeping me involved in everything including medication.

I know that I’m lucky, and I really appreciate everything that my care team does for me. I also know that not everyone is so lucky. If you find that you aren’t getting the support you need, tell them! Continue reading “The A-Team (WYASO Day 4)”


Good Christian Values 

The other day I wrote about the upcoming snap election. I’m now going to start nailing my colours to the mast. Your vote is your own personal choice, and what you do in the polling booth is between you and the ballot paper.

conservative-party-hard workingI would however like you to look at the party that’s currently in government. The Conservative Party touts itself as the party that represents “traditional British values”. They claim to be the party that represents the “hard working” families. They believe that the government interferes with business and should back off. They talk about balancing the budget and how much the Labour party screw the economy.

So far, so good. Do you know what? If I didn’t watch their actions, but just listened to their words, I might vote for them myself. But their actions belie the words. There’s a reason why the demographic for the Conservative Party is generally older people. I discussed a bit about this last year when I wrote about the generation gap in the referendum. As a generalisation, the Baby Boomer generation is (in my opinion) the most selfish and entitled currently alive. Continue reading “Good Christian Values “

The Generation Gap

OK. I’m afraid this is going to be another ranty political post. (Again, political with a small p, not Party Political because I really can’t be doing with all that bollocks!) That also means that I’ll be providing another language warning – there are rude words in the following post

Generations Brexit PokemonI keep seeing this image popping up in my newsfeed, and it really brings my waste water to 100ºC (if I’m still allowed to use metric in Brexit Britain).

This is possibly one of the most glib, condescending and fatuous twitter posts that I’ve ever seen. I don’t know who started it and neither do I want to. What I do know is that there’s a fantastic tweet response. It’s clear, concise and fully addresses the point being made. It doesn’t however address the other points that drive me to anger and so, as well as attaching that, I’m also going to explain my reasoning. There’s also a second reason for me writing a blog post about it – I’ve typed out responses to this three or four times in the last couple of days and that takes a while on my phone, so now I can just link here! Simultaneous Sanity

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10 Days To Go


In just 10 days the UK goes to the polls to decide whether to stay in the EU or whether to leave. There’s a lot of noise from both sides, but there are a couple of arguments that directly affect the scope of this blog so I wanted to address them.

The first is the £350 million argument. The Leave campaign have said repeatedly that the UK pays £350 million into the EU every week, and that it could be spent on the NHS. Even if the number had been proved to be true (and it hasn’t), do you honestly believe that the government would spend all this on the NHS? Looking from the outside I get the impression that this government, like so many before it, would like to see a much more private health sector.

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