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About Ethan

Ethan Headshot wearing flat capThis blog has been set up because of the reaction that I received to my World AS Day post on Facebook.  It’s mostly going to be my thoughts and musings about living with AS in the UK while being Gay.  So it might get a little political (with a small p, I’ll try to avoid party politics!

So, a bit about me. I’m 36 and live in Newcastle upon Tyne with my partner of 17 years. We time-share access to his son’s dog with his son and daughter which is useful as a reason to get up and walk!

I was diagnosed with AS in October 2013. Since my diagnosis I have tried a few anti-inflammatory medicines until my Rheumatologist was able to get me onto Anti-TNF treatment.

I work as a Call Centre Trainer, which is actually a good job for someone with AS that is affecting them like it affects me.  I can stand up and move about when in the classroom, but still sit down when I need to rest.

I’m a bit of a geek (not a real one, I just help out at weekends – I know way too many real geeks to think that I’m that geeky!) and I enjoy Doctor Who, Star Trek Online, comic fantasy books and music (I’m afraid that, although my music taste is varied I am a bit of a stereotype when it comes to Kylie!)


3 thoughts on “About Ethan

  1. I’m so glad I found your blog! I have AS too, it’s so nice to connect to people who go through the same fun stuff.
    Looking to forward to reading your posts. Check out my blog if you feel like it.



    1. Thanks for the message Megan, you’re absolutely right that it’s nice to connect with others. It’s surprising how much we take for granted as “just one of those things” until we talk to others. I promise that I will always try to keep my tongue firmly in my cheek as much as I possibly can!

      I’m looking forward to reading your blog too. I’ve sent a request. 😉


      1. Oh, that’s a blog I did for a class at university! my public blog is 🙂


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