The A-Team (WYASO Day 4)

feature_NASSAward_2016I talk a lot about getting the right team to support you. I’ve been seriously lucky since my diagnosis as my local NHS put me with a fantastic rheumatologist, who in turn arranged for me to see an amazing Specialist Nurse. (She’s so amazing that she even won a national award!)

I was referred to hydrotherapy (the best treatment I’ve found to date – if it’s available then I highly recommend it) and physiotherapy. My GP listens to me and takes on board my opinions, providing options and keeping me involved in everything including medication.

I know that I’m lucky, and I really appreciate everything that my care team does for me. I also know that not everyone is so lucky. If you find that you aren’t getting the support you need, tell them!

I don’t think that anyone becomes a doctor or nurse because they dislike people, quite the opposite! And no one works for the NHS because of the amazing wages or hours (we’ve had plenty of marches to prove that). Speak to them, ask them questions, tell them what you’re experiencing, what medications are working and which exercises help.

Make it a conversation and you’ll get so much more out of your appointments. And if you want some more practical advice about how to approach this, try reading Taking Charge by Ricky White.

And finally, just in case you thought I’d forgotten. Yesterday’s sunny weather gave us a taste of summer just in time for today’s 30 Day Song Challenge choice which is “A song that reminds you of summertime”:

Screenshot_20170504-011630Ethan’s Step Count

Yesterday: 10,717
This Week: 28,930
Daily Ave: 9,643

To support Ethan’s WYASO team, the Orange Apples you can donate to their JustGiving Page, or go directly to the NASS website. Don’t worry if you don’t have any spare money, all I’d really like is for awareness of Ankylosing Spondylitis to be raised, talk about it, read about it, and keep your eyes open for the signs.


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