An Open Email.

Earlier this week I wrote about the situation in Chechnya. Even considering the fact that there has been more information coming to light, the government has still failed to respond. Hillary Clinton has roundly condemned President Trump for failing to comment, and yet there has not been a response or any sort of recognition from the UK Government.

So I wrote this email and sent it to the Prime Minister, Foreign Secretary and Equalities Minister. I copied in Jeremy Corbyn and Tim Farron as well as my own MP. PinkNews also has suggestions for people who also want to know how we can all help.


Subject: Government silence on the torture of homosexuals in Chechnya.

Mrs May, Mr Johnson, Ms Greening,

As I am sure you will have heard, reports are coming from Chechnya about the existence of “concentration camps” for Gay people. The stories speak of torture reminiscent of 1930s Germany. This isn’t liberal hyperbole. People are being tortured, beaten, and raped.

I know that they’re not British citizens, and won’t be able to vote in your upcoming power grab, but I’ve found it very telling that the government has been silent on this. Of course, it’s no Cadbury’s egg hunt, but I would have hoped that the daughter of a vicar would be one of the first world leaders to speak up for the oppressed.

Mrs May, you have asked the country to look at your government and provide you with a mandate for your political plans. Many of us will be looking for some awareness of basic humanity. The way that you and your government treat the persecuted, ill, poor and disabled says more about that than any manifesto.Â
Please, at the very least, be aware of the petition that (to date) nearly 20,000 people have signed ( and maybe show a bit of empathy for the plight of these people. Don’t believe Ramzan Kadyrov when he says that there are no Gay people in Chechnya, and show him that (despite your insistence on nigh on closing our borders) the British values you espouse aren’t just another election pitch for you to ignore.
I hope that one of you (either our Prime Minister, Foreign Secretary or Equalities Minister) will be prepared to stand up on our behalf and stand up to this abhorrent act.
I have copied in my local MP, as well as the leaders of the Labour and Liberal Democrat parties to see if they have any comments.
Thank you for your time.


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