Good Christian Values 

The other day I wrote about the upcoming snap election. I’m now going to start nailing my colours to the mast. Your vote is your own personal choice, and what you do in the polling booth is between you and the ballot paper.

conservative-party-hard workingI would however like you to look at the party that’s currently in government. The Conservative Party touts itself as the party that represents “traditional British values”. They claim to be the party that represents the “hard working” families. They believe that the government interferes with business and should back off. They talk about balancing the budget and how much the Labour party screw the economy.

So far, so good. Do you know what? If I didn’t watch their actions, but just listened to their words, I might vote for them myself. But their actions belie the words. There’s a reason why the demographic for the Conservative Party is generally older people. I discussed a bit about this last year when I wrote about the generation gap in the referendum. As a generalisation, the Baby Boomer generation is (in my opinion) the most selfish and entitled currently alive.os-baby-boomer-millennial-pledge-001I’ll not go over it in detail again, but the gist is that they benefitted from the creation of the Welfare State, NHS, Grants, Social Housing (and the Right to Buy), as well as Final Salary Pension Schemes, and the creation and growth of the EEC/EU/ECHR/ECJ etc… Most of our senior politicians are of this generation. This is the demographic that was most likely to vote Leave and are the ones most likely to vote Conservative.

The Conservative Party have long implied that they are a “Christian” Party. I’m not a Christian, but I do know quite a few. I’ve seen a huge disparity between what my Christian friends believe in and the beliefs of the Conservative Party. It’s my understanding that the teachings of Christianity are to care for the poor and the sick. To protect the outsider and help those most in need.

And yet our “Christian” Conservative government is making the poor worse off. (The highest proportion of the half a million people using food banks are people having problems with benefits. And nearly 2/5 of them are children.)

FB_IMG_1492974438885Our Prime Minister (the daughter of a vicar – her justification) would rather speak out against a non-story about using the word Easter for an egg hunt than the human rights of the state that she was visiting. As Home Secretary she was a vocal opponent of the Human Rights Act, and even now bounces between scrapping it and keeping it.

The Conservative Party as a whole uses placatory words when discussing the NHS. But their actions speak louder. From outsourcing swathes of the work to private companies to the long standing and repeated struggles with junior doctors. The NHS’ relationship with government is an absolute clusterfuck that’s a complete nightmare to unravel. Full Fact does its best, but it’s still confusing.

Theresa May Easter EggSo our oh so Christian government and in particular our Prime Minister speak hollow words about their faith, while their actions ruin and destroy the lives of the poor, the vulnerable, the sick and the weak. If that’s what you consider Christianity then I’d suggest that you revisit your understanding of the faith and then consider who you want to vote for in June…


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