#keepinitreal – Day 6

I forgot to take a picture of my meds, but just for Faye here’s another sunny smiling photo!

Sorry I missed yesterday, I was writing a full blog post. That’ll be coming out tonight once I’ve got the images sorted (the mobile app isn’t ideal for images). I thought that today I’d talk about breakfast (OK, tablets and medications…)

As I’m sure that you know by now (and if you don’t then you’ve got a lot of old blog posts to read!), I’m on a treatment called Humira. It kills part of the immune system which helps to prevent it from attacking my spine. It’s amazing and is helping to prevent any further damage. But it doesn’t work on its own.

I also take a COX-2 inhibitor (etoricoxib) which can cause ulcers so I have to take a protein pump inhibitor to prevent it called omeprazole. Codeine helps to reduce the residual pain and a vitamin D supplement helps bone density (Ankylosaurs are at a much higher risk of osteoporosis). And finally for my daily routine I take an over the counter anti-histamine because I’ve managed to get hayfever since starting Humira (this isn’t to say that it caused it, it absolutely may be coincidence).

If I have a bad day or a full on flare up then I also have Nefopam. But I avoid taking it unless I absolutely have to. The doctor regularly tries to change it to Tramadol, but I really want to avoid opiates stronger than codeine as the associated addiction makes it more difficult to stop and start again when I need to.

Again, a lot of people have many more meds that they’ll need, so I’m on the lucky side. But there’s a lot more to #keepinitreal than just the bit you see…


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