#keepinitreal – Day 4

We’re half way through the #keepinitreal week folks. Today’s a good day, I’m starting work a bit later than usual (as I’m in until 9) and so I’ve had time to let my tablets get to work, done my physio exercises without rushing and picked up my new suit. The shoes to go with it arrived last night. It was going to be two suits, but the second one didn’t fit my hump. (My actual chest size is 38″, I usually have to buy a 40″, but the salesman told me I’d need a 42″ in the style I wanted. That just looked huge on my waist – and they didn’t have any left in the beige that I ordered.)

Online shopping is great, but if your body varies from the standard there’s only so much that a tailor can do. It’s similar to the issue that women face with their arbitrary 12, 14, 16 etc…  type sizes. At least with men’s clothes it’s inches or cm. It’s the first time I’ve shopped online for a suit, and will have to be the last too.

But today however, the sun is shining (vitamin D is good for the bones), I’m listening to some happy music, and the new suit looks rather smart. I’m hoping that your day’s looking good too! 


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