#keepinitreal – Day 3

I’m functional again! Just another 12 days until I go through it again… But until then, I’m off to work. Because of the way I’ve felt,  I’ve had a couple of days off my exercises and I’m now feeling rather stiff (the result of not doing my physio). 
I’ve also spent a lot of time over the last couple of days resting, lying in bed listening to Big Finish Dr Who audio plays and trying not to make my head or stomach work. So I should be full of energy. But the reason that I’ve been resting is because I’ve been having a fight with my immune system – so that’s not going to happen! 

Thankfully, I stopped at the shop on my way to work and bought myself some plastic spoons. I know that it’s not healthy, so please don’t bother to tell me. I need to be able to function fully for work, so I supplement my energy levels with caffeine. 500ml of energy drinks on my way to work (it also helps to take my meds) 2-3 large Americanos with extra shots through the day and another 500ml energy drink in the afternoon. 

I’m hoping that these #keepinitreal posts are helping people to understand that there’s a lot more to appearing normal than you might think! 


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