#keepinitreal – Day 2

Normally on day 2 of my injection I’ve got a really busy day planned at work. So I drag myself in, do as much as I can, and then leave early. This week I planned a quiet week so that I could update a load of stuff and just try to catch up with my admin. 

Yesterday (like every other post-injection day)  was spent moving from the sofa to bed for a few hours and back again. This helps with the headache and stops the nausea from becoming actual sickness, but isn’t great from an AS viewpoint. It means that my spine has been slowly stiffening all day and it lets me know the following day. 

So, I’m rather stiff this morning and the headache and nausea (while definitely less than yesterday) is still there. I’ve let work know that I’m not 100% and I’m going to try to sort myself out. If I can get the nausea settled then I can do my exercises, and as the headache is now a stabbing pain rather than throbbing and stabbing, paracetamol should sort it. 

Don’t worry about it though folks, the first day of the #keepinitreal week just fell on the worst day of the fortnight – I’m sure that it’s not *all* going to be doom and gloom. I do have good days! 😁 


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