I’m Not Racist…

Brexit BingoAs well as the Generational Divide that I discussed in my earlier post, I’ve also heard quite a few Leave voters clearly, loudly and repeatedly state that they’re not racist. That’s probably the case, but I decided to try and work out why the racist stereotype was out there if none of them are racist.

Just like the generational post that I wrote, this is me trying to work out things logically, and it’s a discussion that I’ve had with a few people now, so this post is another one that I’m going to use so that I don’t have to type it all out again!

So, Leave voters who didn’t vote for racist reasons, you voted for a campaign that said it was going to Take Back Control, a campaign that repeatedly argued about border control and immigration, a campaign that was supported by UKIP, Britain First, the EDL and the BNP. What made you think that this wasn’t going to be a campaign that would primarily be about race? That’s what the leaders of the campaign drove…

Hate everybodyA study was completed in 2014 (before the referendum campaigns started) with 30% self-identifying as *very* or *a little* race prejudiced. Working on a population of 64 million that’s about 20 million people in the UK that admit to having racial prejudice.

Obviously, not all of those people voted (otherwise the Leave campaign would have had a much larger share of the votes – someone who admits that they’re racist is hardly likely to agree to Remain in a multi racial, pan European Union). Logically, if a racist was to vote, they would be substantially more likely to vote Leave than Remain. Using the 30% figure and the total number (46.35m) of people registered to vote that would give us 13.9 million racists registered to vote.

(There’s usually around a +/-4% margin of error for studies like the one that I mentioned earlier, so that’d be between 12.05 million and 15.75 million racists eligible to vote.) That’s rather close to the 17.41 million that voted to Leave. So I’d say that statistically the majority of people who voted to Leave were racist.

12.05-15.75 million is not equal to 17.41 million. Even if we were to suggest that everyone who is a racist voted to Leave that would still leave us with 1.66-5.36 million people who aren’t.

But that’s still 69.21%-90.46% of Leave voters that are highly likely to be racists. Remember the old adage “If you lie with dogs, expect to get fleas”. That’s what’s happening at the moment, people are being tarred with the same brush.

Dogs & Fleas


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