For Science!

Okie dokes. I’m afraid that I need to ask a favour. If you’re going to post shit links to articles complaining about Big Pharma, Big Agri and Monsato etc… you do all (hopefully) realise that I’m going to ask for evidence? I’ve just watched my home go down the toilet because “people are sick of hearing from experts” and I really don’t have time for that crap.

I also get *very* angry with the people who think that I can wish my AS away, or that breathing in some smoke from the magic ning nang nong tree while the cows are saying bong while eating some seeds and nuts from the gyre and gimble trees will somehow unfuse my vertebrae.

Alternative medicine that worksNo, but do you know what demonstrably does work for hundreds and thousands of people around the world, and has been scientifically proven to improve the lives of more people than it doesn’t help? Medicine. Scientifically proved, tested and revisited medicine. NSAIDs, Painkillers, Immunosupressives. I haven’t been able to take my Humira injection this week thanks to a bout of Tonsillitis and a viral infection one after the other, and I’m feeling it.

I’m genuinely chuffed that one of my acquaintances from my misspent youth was diagnosed early with her cervical spondylosis (an non-rheumatoid osteoarthritis of the neck that’s traditionally treated with NSAIDs, exercise and self care techniques) and that she was able to treat it with alternative therapies. That’s not the case for all arthritis sufferers. I’m all for as many possible treatments as possible being available to give people choice.

But, if you post links to POS articles like this one (which wasn’t about medication, but just the general approach to science and chemistry), then I will challenge it. And if you or your friends reply by quoting something as inane and pointless as: “…this reductionist, western imposed, imperialist science that degrades and looks down on Mother Nature. This science does not represent systems of science from India China and Africa that are thousands years older and ones that respect the feminine.” Please note that I will laugh at you. I’ll then draft a reply (it might take a few minutes longer as I reread it to laugh again) and eventually, when I realise just how fruit-loopy you are, I’ll just remove you. (So if you want to save me a job please feel free to unfollow/unfriend.)

For Science!


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