10 Days To Go


In just 10 days the UK goes to the polls to decide whether to stay in the EU or whether to leave. There’s a lot of noise from both sides, but there are a couple of arguments that directly affect the scope of this blog so I wanted to address them.

The first is the £350 million argument. The Leave campaign have said repeatedly that the UK pays £350 million into the EU every week, and that it could be spent on the NHS. Even if the number had been proved to be true (and it hasn’t), do you honestly believe that the government would spend all this on the NHS? Looking from the outside I get the impression that this government, like so many before it, would like to see a much more private health sector.


So don’t let the Leave campaign dangle a carrot that it knows it won’t give you.

Speaking of carrots and the NHS, another argument is that the EU is looking to sign TTIP. It’s quite a complicated bit of legislation that gives private companies the ability to sue governments if they enact legislation that curtails trade. The NHS is definitely something that falls under this as it’s a huge governmental department with strong buying power.


TTIP is almost definitely a risk to the NHS. But millions of people across the EU are protesting against it, and it looks like they’re winning. Do you know who does support TTIP? David Cameron and the Conservative Party. They regularly state that they don’t want to allow it to affect the NHS, but considering their track record on supporting the most vulnerable in society – I’m not sure how much I believe them…

Whatever your final decision when it comes to the referendum, all I can say is please use your vote. Have a look through fullfact.org and make an informed decision. I won’t tell you which way – that’s up to you.


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