A new reason to be proud.

wp-1465077296317.jpgI’m afraid that this is a bragging post. Mostly because I’m terribly unfit and walking is about the only exercise I do. But I signed up to the cycle to work scheme ages ago and got a beautiful hybrid bike that allows me to sit quite high.

I bought panniers and all the other accoutrements, but only used it for 4 short rides and then it sat unused and unloved in the utility room. Today I started work at 1pm, which meant that I had sufficient time for my stiffness to abate. So I dusted off my bike and rode in to work.

wp-1465077269058.pngGoogle appeared to have a higher opinion of my fitness levels than I do, it seems to think that the journey should take 19 minutes. 50 minutes after leaving I pulled into work. I was a sweaty mess but I made it. A quick shower and I was ready for my shift. I managed it, but cycling in meant that I had to cycle home. After a full day at work I can honestly say that it was horribly difficult. But I made it, 1 hour and 10 minutes after leaving I arrived home.

Tonight is my injection night too, so I have a feeling that I’m going to be paying for the exertion tomorrow on top of my Humira Hangover. But until then, I’ll stick with being chuffed and achy!


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