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A friend shared this on Facebook and I started to share it. Then I realised that this post, more than any other about Pulse, has hit me. I couldn’t just share it, and what I had to say was too long for a Facebook post.

This blog was called Proud Ankylosaur because of my AS. I’m outspoken about it because I wanted to spread awareness. But it’s also called Proud because I’m Gay. I haven’t posted much about it in the last year, but now I think that I need to.

It’s easy to forget how far we’ve come, or how hard we fought. Even when we weren’t “being political” just saying “I’m gay”, correcting a gender pronoun, or even dressing up to go out ran the risk of repercussions. Reading a room became second nature.

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10 Days To Go


In just 10 days the UK goes to the polls to decide whether to stay in the EU or whether to leave. There’s a lot of noise from both sides, but there are a couple of arguments that directly affect the scope of this blog so I wanted to address them.

The first is the £350 million argument. The Leave campaign have said repeatedly that the UK pays £350 million into the EU every week, and that it could be spent on the NHS. Even if the number had been proved to be true (and it hasn’t), do you honestly believe that the government would spend all this on the NHS? Looking from the outside I get the impression that this government, like so many before it, would like to see a much more private health sector.

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I Believe The Students Are The Future

I know that I said the number of posts would reduce, and they will. It’s just that I’ve had a couple of things that were relevant to this blog happen over the last week or so.

lecture hallOn Wednesday I took part in a MOSLER (Modified Objective Structured Long Examination Review). It’s a test that Newcastle University uses to assess 5th year medical students. I was seen by 8 students and was genuinely impressed with the standards. They were all polite, listened and diagnosed me correctly.

On top of that they demonstrated a good working knowledge of the rest of the diagnosis process and treatment options available. HLA-B27, ESR & CSR levels, a few of them mentioned that it was a seronegative condition so they wouldn’t expect results from a standard arthritis test (RF).

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A new reason to be proud.

wp-1465077296317.jpgI’m afraid that this is a bragging post. Mostly because I’m terribly unfit and walking is about the only exercise I do. But I signed up to the cycle to work scheme ages ago and got a beautiful hybrid bike that allows me to sit quite high.

I bought panniers and all the other accoutrements, but only used it for 4 short rides and then it sat unused and unloved in the utility room. Today I started work at 1pm, which meant that I had sufficient time for my stiffness to abate. So I dusted off my bike and rode in to work. Continue reading “A new reason to be proud.”

Walk Your AS Off 2016 – My Total


I was worried for a while, I wasn’t sure if I’d make my target. I’d set myself a challenge of 300,000 steps (10,000/day with a little leeway for my recovery days after my Humira injection because of the Humira Hangover). I know that there are conversion charts for other activities but I try to get actual steps.

I know that it doesn’t sound like a lot, but I can assure you that (especially early in the morning) it’s not as easy as it sounds. But the NHS has the 10,000 Step Challenge so I thought that it was a good target to set. So, how did I do? I hear you cry (very quietly of course).

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