Puppy power

11391225_1114090161951139_6908060295939750072_nI saw this article a while ago and meant to blog about it. Then I found myself distracted (as is my wont). But this picture reminded that I’d started a post around having a pet with AS. So I’d like to cover it still.

Pets in general are a good thing for lots of people with chronic illnesses. They give you a reason to drag yourself out of bed. The bonds between a pet and owner are pure love. And who would let someone or something they love unconditionally starve or be surrounded by their own waste for any length of time?

I know that there are some conditions that wouldn’t allow the owner to be aware of this. That’s why I said most illnesses. But AS and a lot of other autoimmune and arthritic family diseases have symptoms that are alleviated or improved with exercise. But believe me, it’s difficult to remember that when it feels like someone poured superglue through your skeleton overnight, your fingers and toes are tingling and there’s a sharp constant pain across your chest. Continue reading “Puppy power”