Eye of the Beholder

*Warning: This isn’t one of my usual serious with a tongue in cheek sense of whimsy posts. I’m not in the best of places at the moment and so this post may be a little darker and more emotionally raw. Please don’t feel that you have to read it if you feel uncomfortable with that. This is also kind of the flip side of the coin to my “It Gets Better” post, so if you’d rather something a little lighter why not re-read that post instead?*

I project a sense of confidence, a feeling of being in control, a certain… reassurance that I’ve come to terms with who and what I am. This is what I think that most people would say when they meet me. I’ve worked in customer service all of my career and so I know all the tricks for showing empathy and interest without letting my guard down too far. Continue reading “Eye of the Beholder”


Morning Stiffy

Stiffy TextNow now, calm down and don’t get over excited! These words have a completely different meaning to someone with AS. It affects all of us, male and female. And it’s a bit more awkward than the embarrassment of the other one.

Look at any site that discusses AS and you’ll see that it mentions “stiffness” (*snigger*). But before you’re diagnosed or on medication that can help the pain properly it can be difficult to spot. The pain masks the stiffness (*fnar!*) and so you don’t understand what the hell the doctor’s going on about. Continue reading “Morning Stiffy”